he US and Cuba, separated by 90 miles of the Florida Straits, are connected by a digital bridge: a film that is at the center of a historic achievement. Introducing: “Nuestro Martí.” Together, RYOT and Google created this 360 short film about the life, legacy and times of the iconic independence fighter José Martí. A poet and philosopher, he spent more time in the United States than in his native Cuba. Few individuals have had much of an impact on Latin America as the Cuban hero José Martí. Martí is regarded as the “Apostle of Cuban Independence” for his fundamental efforts in trying to free the Cuban people from Spanish rule in the 19th century. In honor of his legacy, we launched this short film that uses the magic of virtual reality to give life to the history of this beloved figure of Cuban history.


  • Spanish
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Dos patrias tengo yo: Cuba y la noche.
¿O son una las dos? No bien retira
su majestad el sol, con largos velos
y un clavel en la mano, silenciosa
Cuba cual viuda triste me aparece.
¡Yo sé cuál es ese clavel sangriento
que en la mano le tiembla! Está vacío
mi pecho, destrozado está y vacío
en donde estaba el corazón. Ya es hora
de empezar a morir. La noche es buena
para decir adiós. La luz estorba
y la palabra humana. El universo
habla mejor que el hombre.
Cual bandera
que invita a batallar, la llama roja
de la vela flamea. Las ventanas
abro, ya estrecho en mí. Muda, rompiendo
las hojas del clavel, como una nube
que enturbia el cielo, Cuba, viuda, pasa…

I have two lands: Cuba and the night.
Or are they only one? No sooner
Does the long-veiled majestic sun set
Holding a carnation in one hand than
Does Cuba, like a widow, appear to me.
I know what that blood-red carnation is
That’s trembling in its hand. It is empty,
My chest is destroyed, and empty too
Where my heart used to be. It’s time
To begin dying. The night is good
For saying good-bye. Light gets in the way,
So does human language. The universe
Speaks better than humans do.
Like a flag,
An invitation to battle, the candle’s
Red flame flares up. The windows,
I, all tight inside, open them. Mute, stripping
The carnation’s petals, widowed Cuba,
Like a cloud roiling the sky, pass by…


I wish to leave the world
By its natural door;
In my tomb of green leaves
They are to carry me to die.
Do not put me in the dark
To die like a traitor;
I am good, and like a good thing
I will die with my face to the sun

Cuba Nos Une

  • Spanish
  • English

Cuba nos une en extranjero suelo,
Auras de Cuba nuestro amor desea:
Cuba es tu corazón, Cuba es mi cielo,
Cuba en tu libro mi palabra sea.

Cuba unites us in a foreign land,
Our love longs for Cuban dawns:
Cuba is your heart, Cuba is my sky,
In your book, Cuba is my word.

I Who Live Though I Have Died (Verse XXVI)

I who live though I have died,
Claim a great discovery,
For last night I verified
Love is the best remedy.
When weighed by the cross, a man
Resolves to die for the right;
He does all the good he can,
And returns bathed in the light.


Poetry by: José Martí

Artwork by: Fernando Rodriguez


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