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“Mind at War” is a room-scale VR experience which takes viewers through a series of VR paintings that depict the memories of Iraq War veteran Scott England before, during, and after the war.

Scott never wanted to join the military. He had another life in mind. He dreamt of marrying his high school girlfriend and recreating the life of his childhood together - having a family and exploring the beautiful mountains of Utah and greater America. Two weeks before his wedding, Scott lost his job - and then 9/11 happened.

Unemployed and desperate for work, Scott enlisted, and eighteen months later, he was shipped to Iraq. Ill-equipped and emotionally unstable, the war exposed him to unimaginable layers of trauma, and he quickly became a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His return to the US was without support, which thrust him further into despair, and later, homelessness. Through support from the Veteran’s Association and his unbreakable will, Scott slowly begins to heal and ultimately moves forward with his life.

Each painting in “Mind of War”is narrated by Scott, encouraging users to step into Scott’s darkness and follow along with his memories.


Both Sutu and RYOT have a shared goal: to provide a modern, thoughtful way that advocates of mental health can use immersive technologies to better share the stories of those struggling with PTSD and other mental health issues - especially those in the military. This new type of immersive content will serve to amplify the message these advocates are sharing with their communities, while engendering meaningful policy change through immediate action.

In order to maintain the momentum created by the numerous conversations taking place at a grassroots level, and better impact national U.S. policy, RYOT has partnered with leading NGOs, including Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) to provide the “Mind at War” VR experience as a tool to help raise awareness and support around the struggles of mental health illnesses - such as PTSD - especially for veterans and active military members.

"Mind at War is unflinching, making no apologies in how it brings the weight of Scott’s PTSD onto your shoulders before taking a deeper look at a crisis that sweeps the US. "
- Jamie Feltham, UploadVR

"An emotional and in-depth look into one soldier’s experience"
- Kyle Melnick, VRScout


General Inquiries: mindatwar@ryot.org

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