AOL Launches RYOT Lab for Branded AR and VR Content, Debuts Sports Illustrated AR Experience


OL’s RYOT subsidiary officially unveiled a new group dedicated to branded augmented and virtual reality experiences Tuesday, which aims to push the envelope with technologies that reach as many people as possible. One of the first projects is an augmented reality experience for Time Inc., which lets pages of the this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated come to life.

Come Wednesday, readers of Sports Illustrated will be able to open the Life VR app and point it at specially marked pages of the magazine to unlock augmented reality content. “It will be able to bring that image to life,” said RYOT co-founder and CEO Bryn Mooser.

However, the app won’t use a printed QR code to simply open a web page with additional content, but instead use image recognition and Snapchat-like AR to enhance the experience. “It’s almost like the image is the QR code,” he said.

Source: Variety


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