The 5 Virtual Reality Films You Should Experience Right Now


rom “Clouds Over Sidra” to “The Displaced”, “Forced From Home” or “Four Walls”, to name but a few high profile ones, many VR experience focus on the lives of refugees. Still, there’s always room for new, compelling ways to share these stories. When filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto sought to share Qusai Bashir Masaama’s story, he was confronted with the challenge of telling the harrowing account of the Syrian teenager being confined to a wheelchair after being shot in the back by a sniper while retaining the 14-year-old’s jaunty nature. “When he was telling us about the incident, it was very descriptive. He could recall every detail. How it looked. How it felt. It was terrifying to imagine everything he went through. Yet, he spoke about it the way a child does, with innocence and a smile”, recalls the director of “Bashir’s Dream”. The solution: to combine footage of Bashir’s current living situation in Jordan with animations that speak of past events and future dreams. The transitions between the two are clever and harmonious. Each scene is just the right length and pace, giving you time to fully take in both what is shown and what the narrator is saying. The whole comes across as beautifully simple and effective.

Source: Time


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