Lil Dicky and RYOT is proud to have created and released the animated short, Earth!
Stream the song and let’s come together to save our planet!

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“This year for Earth Day, the world got a new climate change anthem court-esy of Lil Dicky and, like, a bajillion famous people. No, seriously.”
New York Post
“Just about everyone can get behind Earth Day’s mission—and one song has the supergroup to prove it.”
“Quite the formidable cast of collaborators to power the animated, environmentally friendly clip.”
I Heart Radio
“Lil Dicky wants to save the planet and he’s doing so through his brand new mega-collab”
Daily Beast
“Sure to be a hit.”
Us Weekly
“epic 7-minute video”
Today Show
“An all star cast...and really solid animation”
“Literally every celebrity ever as charming animated animals”
The Hollywood Reporter
“Lil Dicky is doing his part to promote environmental sustainability across the globe.”
“Lil Dicky got some of his famous friends to have fun to draw attention to climate change.”
“An immensely scaled, 32-feature project to commemorate Earth Day, titled ‘Earth.’”
“a star-studded ode to our planet that aims to raise awareness and money for environmental causes”