WTF Florida? Man Tries to Pay Water Bill With Crack Cocaine

2 years ago

FYI: Crack is not a valid currency with which to pay utility bills. (tanjila ahmed/Flickr)

FYI: Crack is not a valid currency with which to pay utility bills — even in Florida.

Despite that universal nugget of common sense, a man walked into the Deltona, FL, water office on Tuesday and handed the cashier an envelope with white powder in it.

Everybody freaked out, employees were evacuated and the sheriff showed up along with a couple HAZMAT teams.

“Interestingly enough, it was crack cocaine,” Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brandon Haught said of the suspicious substance. No word if he laughed as hard as we did upon discovering that somebody tried to use crack to pay their water bill.

Apparently, the guy got away, since police didn’t announce any arrests or charges. But don’t worry — they Sheriff’s Office is on the case, and they’re continuing to investigate the matter.

RYOT NOTE: You know you’re in a bad place when you start using drugs to pay utility bills. While it may seem funny to us, in actuality, it’s a pretty dark situation. That’s why we love to support organizations like The Partnership at, which is working hard to keep teens away from alcohol and drugs (especially prescription pills) so they don’t one day end up trying to pay their electricity bills with handfuls of Vicodin. Click on the gray box alongside this story to learn more, donate and Become the News!




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