VIDEO: The time you have as illustrated by jelly beans

3 years ago

Colossal reported on online performance artist Ze Frank‘s project comparing out time on Earth to one of our favorite Easter candies: Jelly beans. In this video, he physically illustrates how most people spend the majority of their life using jelly beans as representation of time. He explores time spent cooking, commuting, sleeping and working as juxtaposed with time spent loving, living and laughing. The comparison is staggering.

The video bears a beautiful and confronting message: What would you do if you only had a few beans left?

RYOT NOTE: This video really made us stop and think about how we are spending our time daily. What could we do differently with those hours? What balance creates the happiest person? What if we could have that time back? Moreover, what if you could give that time back to someone else? That is the premise of, an African-led initiative that offers people the chance to buy others a year of life. They believe their program, led by individuals, draws attention to the fact that old paradigms of assistance and wealth redistribution do not work. Instead, they are shifting the paradigm to create a revolution. Click the gray box, donate and Become the News!



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