VIDEO: Tammy Duckworth completely destroys Braulio Castillo, who is claiming veterans disability benefits for a twisted ankle

3 years ago
New Congress

Photo: AP

During Representative Duckworth’s verbal domination of Mr. Castillo for claiming Veterans disability benefits for an ankle he twisted many years ago in prep-school, he can only stutter a few words in ignorant terror as she shows no mercy while exposing him as a cowardly freeloader. As one YouTube commenter so eloquently summarizes, “He actually might be able to reapply for disability now that she tore him a new asshole.” Just as Mortal Kombat 3’s Kano pauses for a moment before he rips out the still-beating heart of his opponent, Rep. Duckworth pauses to collect herself before laughing through Mr. Castillo’s self-designation as a cross-carrying martyr, then goes on to say it’s cases like his that poison the veteran disability system and prevent brave, injured soldiers (who have actually served) from claiming their benefits in a timely fashion. As she rampages through his puny evidence and protestations, she comes off as cutting, sarcastic, poised and seems to thoroughly enjoy herself. Rock on, Tammy. You just gave us goosebumps.

RYOT NOTE: There hasn’t been a verbal massacre like this since Bill Clinton skillfully and utterly dominated the interviewer in his first ever interview on Fox News. She verbally slapped Mr. Costello around and left him shaking in his lowly seat! We too are adamant that veterans with legitimate injuries should be immediately and well supported for the great sacrifices they’ve made. By clicking on the gray box alongside this story, you can help Homes for Our Troops to make sure injured veterans have adequate housing that can accommodate their disabilities upon returning home.

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