VIDEO: Seth Rogen Visits the Senate to Testify for His Mom

2 years ago
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Photo: YouTube

Seth Rogen put (almost) all jokes aside for a moment Wednesday afternoon to testify before the Senate.

No, he’s not ditching acting for a career in politics — although I have a feeling he’d be better at politics than half the people in office…

Instead, Rogen sat before the Senate Appropriation Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services to talk about Alzheimer’s, which his family has been affected by for years.

Seth’s mom-in-law has Alzheimer’s, and got it much younger than most. She went from forgetting little things like where she left her keys to not recognizing her own family in just a few years.

It’s Seth’s hope, and that of everyone who’s seen and felt the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s, to raise funds and awareness for further research and prevention efforts.

‘Cause the disease doesn’t just hurt the elderly — it hurts everyone they love too.

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