VIDEO: Russian MIlitary Beat Bulgarian Journalists at Gunpoint in Crimea

2 years ago
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Russian military attacks journalist at gunpoint — Photo: YouTube

Shocking CCTV footage that was just released shows the disturbing moment when a masked Russian cossack holds a gun to the head of a Bulgarian journalist.

This unbelievable moment occurred on the streets of Simferopol (in the Crimea region), near the Ukraine parliament building.

Camera crews were told to stop filming by masked gunmen, and according to Channel 4 News, the crew were beaten at gunpoint and their equipment was loaded into a white van.

The cossacks (or paramilitaries) then turned their attention to a pair of photographer across the street, and attacked them as well.

Below is an interview with one of the photographers, who claims, “One of the masked men approached me, put me on the ground, put a gun to his head to me and just took my phone and my friend’s camera.”

This isn’t the first report of violence against journalists, German newspaper Bild had reporters attacked in the Crimea region earlier this week.

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