VIDEO: North Carolina road rage incident gets dark when gun makes an appearance

3 years ago

If you’ve ever thought about jumping out of your whip, ambling over to that dumbass driver who just cut you off and throwing punches like you’re Sly Stalone in Rocky, please, watch this video first.

The scene turned dark when Bradley Turner exited his SUV and approached a vehicle that had reportedly run him off the road. Instead of talking things over, he started throwing punches at the driver, who immediately jumped out and along with his friend, beat the shit out of Turner in record time.

But fear not fans of vigilante justice, because Turner’s wife, Christy Marie, soon enters the frame, gun in hand.

What transpired next is uncertain because it wasn’t captured on video, but Bradley Turner is accused of firing the weapon into the other vehicle, even hitting a house in the neighborhood.

This story ends with the Turners facing multiple charges, including discharging a weapon into occupied property, two counts of assault by pointing a gun, assault and battery, going armed to the terror of the public and injury to personal property.

Check it out:


RYOT NOTE: There’s no doubt about it, this was a pretty bad scene, but it could have been much worse if someone had been shot or even killed. That’s why we have to do more to regulate who gets their hands on guns. Gabby Giffords’ organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, is circulating a petition asking Congress to include universal background checks and to ban high-capacity magazines as part of any gun-control legislation. Click on the gray box alongside this story to sign the petition and Become the News!

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