VIDEO: Is this heaven? Little girl plays with 14 German Shepherds in a field

3 years ago
Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 10.31.11 PM

A cute, little girl dressed in pink frolics through a field of flowers, followed by 14 playful German Shepherds. Enough said.

RYOT NOTE: After watching this video we all know that German Shepherds are adorable, but did you know that they are also one of the most obedient and intelligent breeds? Those qualities make them perfect working dogs for police and fire departments, which utilize their skills to do everything from finding drugs to helping rescue victims of disasters. Ben Roethlisberger loves these dogs so much that he started a foundation to help support K-9 units all across the country. You can help make sure these courageous canines keep carrying out their mission by donating to the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation, or by sharing this story.

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