VIDEO: Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello Creates Stunning Timelapse Using Family Portraits

2 years ago

Photo: Anthony Cerniello.

Anthony Cerniello, a filmmaker whose credits include music videos for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kings of Leon, debuted his latest project this week and it is unbelievably creepy stunning.

Cerniello and a team of photographers and editors created a timelapse of a toddler, Danielle, aging into her middle age and beyond. Danielle isn’t actually the toddler, though. As a matter of fact, the real Danielle is only featured in part of the clip.

During Danielle’s family reunion last Thanksgiving, Cerniello shot portraits of her family members, one by one. He then selected a few portraits of those with bone structure similar to that of Danielle, and edited them all together. Easier said than done, however, as his team of editors worked tirelessly to perfect seamless transitions using various software, tools and techniques.

Watch their extraordinary creation below. It drags on a bit, but we promise it’s worth it!

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