VIDEO: Dolphin Escapes Sea World Tank And Is Stranded On Concrete

3 years ago

Visitors to Sea World San Antonio seemed shocked when a dolphin jumped out of its tank and landed on a concrete walkway apparently getting injured in the process. This video was uploaded to YouTube on July 29th by Peta who released this update:

“The incident occurred at SeaWorld’s San Antonio location while overnight guests on a tour were feeding the dolphins before the park opened. Eyewitnesses report that two dolphins that performed a jumping trick crashed into each other, resulting in one dolphin getting thrown onto the concrete walkway below. The dolphin was bleeding and helpless as guests looked on. The guests were asked to leave the area, and when they inquired later about what had happened, they were told that the dolphin had been taken to a holding pool to recover.”

RYOT NOTE: We don’t like seeing dolphins in captivity and would much rather have them in the ocean where they belong. Our partner Oceana works hard to protect dolphins and their natural environment. Check out Oceana and consider making a donation to become the news!



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