VIDEO: Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart is the most baller way to hit the links … ever

3 years ago

There will always be those people in perfectly pressed polo shirts and pleated khakis who play golf for the pageantry, the etiquette, the love of the game. They’re called schweens.

Then there’s those with mismatched sets of clubs who love having a beer or two (or in some cases, quite a few more) with their buddies, driving golf carts around, hitting a shot now and then, and in general, having a good time. This golf cart is for them.

Check it out:


RYOT NOTE: Yeah, golf may seem a little lame, especially to some of you young punks who tend to read RYOT (p.s. we love you guys). But golfers actually do quite a bit of good for charity. Nearly every tournament on the PGA tour benefits a great cause, and many players have their own charities. The Tiger Woods Foundation is one of our favorites. They’re working hard to make sure underprivileged kids have fair access to higher education. Check them out, consider donating and share this story!

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