VIDEO: Arizona HS Cross Country Runners Unfazed When Coyote Enters the Race

2 years ago

Photo via Twitter

Aside from the occasional bizarre news story, one assumes Arizona teens are the same as all teenagers. But this video proves just how crazy they can be, as a group of high school runners appear unfazed by the presence of a coyote during their cross country meet.

If I were faced with a racing predator, you better believe I’d get out of the way — or at least be temporarily stunned — because no medal is that important.

But these teens were all focus as they raced to win the AIA cross country championship in Phoenix, when the coyote jumped into the race between two front winners, almost passing the leader.

However, the coyote lost interest sometime after running 50 meters and disappeared into the woods.

Apparently the runners were the only unfazed ones, as a cross country coach told Yahoo Sports, “Everyone was thankful that nothing happened to anyone. It was just so surreal.”

All jokes aside, we’ve got to give props to the kid in the lead — He sort of outran a coyote.

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