PHOTOS: University of Iowa TA Accidentally E-mails Photos of Her T&A to Students

2 years ago
Photo: Flickr/Dan Rocha

Photo: Flickr/Dan Rocha

I accidentally sexted my mother once. My mum’s name is Kim, and the guy’s name was Ken, and I’d had lots to drink, so yeah. Asking my mum to “lick me all over” was pretty mortifying, but not nearly as mortifying as what happened to a University of Iowa teaching assistant, who mistakenly emailed X-rated photos of herself and a male friend to her class Tuesday.

“I attach the solutions for number 76 and 78,” read the TA’s message to her Math for Business students. However, it seems she mistakenly sent the solution to problem “69” instead. Instead of mathematics, the attached file contained screenshots of the TA flaunting her T&A in a frisky Google hangout.


By Wednesday morning, the news was all over Twitter. The woman reportedly showed up to class Wednesday and acted as if nothing ever happened. Props for her bravery. I didn’t call my mom for a week after I sexted her.

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