Undercover Cameras Reveal Baby Chick Blenders at Processing Plant

2 years ago

Compassion Over Killing recently uncovered atrocious animal cruelty practices inside a Bell & Evans chicken hatchery, a company that reportedly prides itself on their humane animal welfare.

COK’s undercover investigator obtained footage that reveals such disturbing activities that even the sternest of hearts will be moved. COK claims the video exposes the realities the baby birds endure “on their very first day of life as they emerge from their shells.”

Bell & Evans boasts that their animal welfare standard maintains that all chickens are raised humanely and “compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment, throughout their lives.”

COK reports the company posted a video explaining their hatchery practices, which appropriately uses comforting words to convey a nurturing attitude towards what they call the “peeps.”

Yet COK’s video tells an entirely different story, featuring images that show peeps tossed from basket to basket in a “highly mechanized process.” The unwanted chicks — those that appear sickly, deformed, or injured — are carelessly thrown into a “grinder,” which essentially acts as a blender, exterminating the chicks while conscious.

This video is not for the faint-of-heart, the images, though disturbing, are extraordinarily moving.

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