Unconventional “We Can’t Stop” Cover Is way Better Than the Original

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While Miley Cyrus has permanently ingrained (scarred) her twerking antics to the world with her party anthem, “We Can’t Stop,” Scott Bradlee, Postmodern Jukebox, and the Tee Tones have offered a classier rendition that trumps the original in pretty much every way.

Scott Bradlee explains how they changed the song to fit the doo-wop style on their blog, and the result is soulful and fun. He even included chords and progressions so you can play it yourself at home. Cool!

“After Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance at the VMAs, I felt it was only natural to offer a classier, twerk-free alternative to her hit, “We Can’t Stop.”  So, I called up our neighborhood doo wop group (the amazing Tee-Tones – check them out on Facebook here) and set to work translating Miley’s song into the classic doo wop style.”

The cover has already racked up over 1.2 million hits on YouTube, quickly making it one of the band’s more popular renditions. Here are a few other gems from this talented group, with covers described as “Grandpa Style” and “Vintage ‘Great Gatsby’ Style.” So quirky.

RYOT NOTE: While Postmodern Jukebox has restored our faith in music (for now), their blog’s aim to entertain and educate mirrors the efforts of The Fender Music Foundation. Its mission is to support music education programs nationally by providing those in need with instruments and by advocating the benefits of music education. It’s a music charity funded by people who want to change the state of music education, people who believe music is an integral part of an enduring society. To learn more, click the gray action box beside this story, donate and Become the News!


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Unconventional “We Can’t Stop” Cover Is way Better Than the Original

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