This video of Miley Cyrus twerking to WOP in a unicorn onesie is all the rage

3 years ago

Every now and then something really bizarre sets on the Internet on fire, and right now that thing is an iPhone video of Miley Cyrus twerking in unicorn onesie.

For all you dinosaurs who don’t know what twerking means, we turn to some definitions from Urban Dictionary, the sage resource of all that is hip:

1. Basically a slutty dance.

2. When a girl’s ass moves like a bowl of Jell-O.

3. The act of shaking your ass like crazy. You can make it wobble, boomerang, bounce, clap, etc. (Boomerang?)

And for all you kids who don’t know what a onesie is, well, that sucks because if there was an award for the most amazingly comfortable pajamas, they would win every time. They are, quite frankly, transcendent.

Without further fanfare, we present Miley Cyrus’ take on twerking:


RYOT NOTE: Miley sure can twerk, but you don’t have to be a world-famous disney icon to get your groove on. Dancing is for everybody, even really boring white people can do it, or at least try. That’s why we love The Joy of Motion Dance Center, which teaches and encourages people of all ages to integrate dance into their lives for better individual and community health and well-being. Check them out and if you like what you see, consider donating or spreading the good word about their mission.

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