American Teen Exorcists Visit England to Cast out Demons Caused by… Harry Potter?

2 years ago
Tess Scherkenback (left), Brynne Larson (center), and Savannah Scherkenback (right).

On Friday, BBC 3 is premiering a documentary that follows three teen girls from Arizona traveling to Britain. They all met years ago in Karate class and enjoy horseback riding. Sounds pretty normal until you learn that they’re also exorcists. Only this story’s still not done being weird.

Bob Larson, reverend, exorcist and father to one of the girls, claims to have exorcised over 15,000 demons. He and the girls travel together to exorcise demons in the US and overseas. In addition to being totally serious, they reason that Britain is such a hotspot for demonic activity because of the Harry Potter books. Really.

This is only a peek, but they appear completely sincere. The Christian crusaders say they want to help people, so they’re doing what they feel is right. It’s a message that’s respectable even if their plan seems — OK, is — totally absurd.

“The spells and things that you’re reading in the Harry Potter books, those aren’t just something that are made up, those are actual spells. Those are things that came from witchcraft books,” said one of the girls to the BBC.

And we all know that they’ve never put in a book something that isn’t true.

RYOT NOTE: It’s mentioned in the video that all three of the girls were home-schooled. While it’s understandable that Brynne had to travel a lot because of her father’s profession, that doesn’t mean her education had to suffer. There are several resources available to help enlighten the masses free of charge, whether you’re young or old. Check out the Khan Academy, donate and Become the News!

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