This Selfless 9-Year-Old Runs an Animal Shelter Out of His Garage

2 years ago
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All photos: Happy Animals Club

Ken isn’t exactly your average 9-year-old boy.

Instead of being primarily concerned with chomping on candy, winning at handball, and hangin’ with friends, like I was at that age, he’s looking out for stray animals and wishing he could take them in and give them a comfortable, happy home.

When a photo of Ken feeding three incredibly grateful stray dogs near his home in the Philippines went viral, he got the means to make that wish come true.


Donations came in from all over the globe as people recognized the total selflessness of one kid who wanted to change these animals’ lives.

And soon, Ken was able to get the dogs off the street and feed them quality food. With his dad’s help, Ken built a shelter for the three pups—which he named Blackie, Brownie and White Puppy—in his garage. They named it the Happy Animals Club.

After some time in the Club, the three dogs have gained lots of weight. Their fur has grown glossy and their wounds have healed. And it’s all thanks to Ken’s drive to do good.

ken dog

Now that they’re healthy, Ken’s planning to put them up for adoption soon. But he’s not just gonna stop there.

With the rest of the donations, Ken signed a one-year lease for a space where he’ll be able to keep running Happy Animals club as a larger non-profit, no-kill animal shelter.

His goal is to rescue animals from the pound, where they’d otherwise be put down. Ken’s also figuring out a system to make sure animals only get adopted by people who are really ready to take care of them.

To keep following Ken on his incredible journey, read his blog entries, and see even more photos, check out his website here!

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