Say Goodbye to ‘Got Milk?’ Ads With These Flashbacks From the ’90s

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All photos and '90s flashbacks from the "Got Milk?" campaign.

The national milk industry is revamping its marketing campaign, and unfortunately, that means dropping the famous tagline, “Got Milk?”

“Got Milk?” ads have been encouraging young people to drink milk since 1995, but have apparently lost their effectiveness over the years.

In attempts to get kids back on the udder, the Milk Processor Education Board is changing their slogan to “Milk Life,” no relation to “Thug Life.”

Please don’t shoot the messenger, ’90s kids.

New marketing efforts will emphasize milk’s nutritional content and tout it as a good source of protein for babes and bros everywhere. In contrast, “Got Milk?” highlighted dire situations made worse without milk, like lonely platters of cookies.

The milk industry has taken a hit over the years with slowed down cereal sales and increasing popularity of hipster milks made of almonds and soy beans.

The hope for “Milk Life” is that it will deliver the new message that milk is part of a healthy lifestyle.

To bid farewell to the iconic ’90s “Got Milk?” campaign, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites:


Tyra Banks has been teaching women a thing or two about beauty since long before “Top Model.”


Jennifer Love Hewitt-Got Milk

Jennifer Love Hewitt was once every teen guy’s fantasy. Her “Got Milk?” ad was notoriously torn out of copies of Seventeen magazine for uses we won’t mention here.

Joshua Jackson-Got Milk

Joshua Jackson may have broken hearts every week on “Dawson’s Creek,” but that doesn’t mean he wanted you to break bones too.



Bart and Lisa Simpson have one of the most well-known sibling rivalries on TV, but there were no disagreements about preventing osteoporosis when this brother-sister duo appeared in a “Got Milk?” ad wearing their Sunday’s best.


Britney Spears-Got Milk

Britney Spears used to be America’s sweetheart and made sure her fans were getting enough calcium while playing off the success of “Baby One More Time.”

RYOT NOTE from Lydia

RYOT Note: Animal abuse is not uncommon on dairy farms and cows are often treated extremely poorly by the people who are supposed to be taking care of them. Mercy For Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. Click the Action Box to support their cause and Become the News!



dairy got milk milk

Milk life? How about milk lie? Scientific studies show that dairy increases our risk of cancer, osteoporosis, bone loss, bone fracture, infant apnea and crib death, autism, type 1 diabetes, postpartum psychosis, circulatory disorders, food allergies, etc.  Yes, that's right - drinking milk actually increases kid's bone fracture rate. Can't believe we have been lied to for so long, isn't it.  Examine the facts yourself...

Dairy increase risk of cancer due to hormones:

Dairy causes infant apnea and crib death:

Dairy causes anemia in infants and toddlers (prevents absorption of iron in other dietary source):

Dairy increases risk of autism. "The opiate-like casomorphins liberated from the cow’s milk protein, casein, are also accused of participating in the cause of other conditions including type I diabetes, postpartum psychosis, circulatory disorders, food allergies, and autism", Michael Greger M.D:

Humans have no need of cow's milk. Bone fracture rates highest in countries that consume milk:

".. results showed that active children who consumed the largest quantities of milk actually had more bone fractures than those who consumed less."

Say Goodbye to ‘Got Milk?’ Ads With These Flashbacks From the ’90s

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