RYOT News Travel Warning for Haitians traveling to the U.S.

3 years ago
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In response to the U.S. State Department today issuing a warning against all non-essential travel to Haiti, RYOT News has issued this Travel Warning to inform Haitian citizens traveling to or living in the United States about the current situation:

Due to increased gun violence and mass shootings, poor economic conditions, high rates of depression and epidemic-rates of obesity and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), we are urging Haitian citizens to exercise caution when visiting the United States. Also, for Haitians traveling to the NE for post-Sandy disaster humanitarian relief missions, please be advised of seasonal severe inclement weather.

Thousands of Haitian citizens safely visit the United States each year, but post-Presidential election, there has been dangerous talk of secession, which could lead to civil war-like precipitations, particularly in the Southern States. Please be advised of other dangers regionally in the U.S., including religious cults in the Western States promoting polygamist lifestyles and mass suicides. In some Mid-Western and Southern States there are more guns than residents. Per capita, the U.S. has the highest rate of gun ownership of any country in the world, approximately 90 guns per 100 people.  Mass shootings have been a recurring tragedy for the US and in 2011 violent gun crime resulted in 8,583 murders.   Also in 2011, 300,000 victims of violent crimes such as rapes and aggravated assault reported that their assailant used a firearm to threaten them.  This should be taken into careful consideration when planning travel

Travelers to the United States are encouraged to avoid getting sick or injured due to the healthcare system allowing exorbitant medical bills to be issued to those who cannot afford to pay them. This is the primary cause of bankruptcy for U.S. citizens. Some Haitian citizens and other foreigners injured in accidents and others with serious health concerns have been unable to afford necessary medical care in the United States, given these conditions, we strongly recommend against traveling if you are inclined to illness, injury or bad luck.

Thinking of taking in the sights at the nation’s capital? Think again. Haitian travelers should avoid visiting Washington, D.C., which ranks highest in America for hate crimes, nearly 14 for every 100,000 people. These crimes are targeted against minorities and the police force has limited resources to deter or investigate such violent acts, or prosecute perpetrators. The ability of local authorities to respond to crimes or emergencies is limited in some areas by geography and/or apathy.  Haitians are also to be warned of surprise attacks from white supremacist groups which operate a wide network of underground cells in every state.

While the obesity epidemic has declined somewhat, it persists in many areas of the United States. Prior to travel, Haitian citizens should obtain information about fast food restaurants and high-calorie foodstuffs to avoid.

America’s economy remains in poor condition, but on a brighter note, this has strengthened the Haitian Gourde against the American Dollar, and chances are, once the U.S. government hurls itself off the fiscal cliff, rates will be even better.

Haitian citizens can stay informed about conditions in America by following RYOT News on Twitter and Facebook.

RYOT NOTE: Seems strange to us at RYOT that with all the disasters and tragedies happening in the U.S. we would sit on our high horse and issue travel warnings about other countries. We’d be remiss not to point out some of the dangers of U.S. travel for Haitian nationals. When the RYOT staff needs a break from America’s sensationalist media, economic woes, and talk of the failed “Apocalypse” we head to Haiti’s pristine Southern beaches to relax, enjoy a cold Prestige and take our minds off the troubles of the world. Support Kado in making some beautiful jewelry to support Haitian mothers.

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