RYOT cofounders Bryn Mooser and David Darg named ‘Americans of the Year’

3 years ago

David Darg, top left, and Bryn Mooser with the Tabarre Tigers in Tabarre, Haiti.

Esquire Magazine has named RYOT cofounders David Darg and Bryn Mooser Americans of the Year, joining 14 others, including Bruce Springsteen, Elon Musk and Lena Dunham.

Mooser and Darg were honored for starting Haiti’s first little league baseball team — the Tabarre Tigers — amid the devastation of the 2010 earthquake that rattled the country. From humble beginnings, there are now three teams playing in the little league and Baseball in Haiti is growing fast.

“We noticed many of the street kids were getting into trouble,” Mooser said. “We had found some baseball equipment in a container full of medical supplies and started playing baseball with them in the afternoons.”

Slowly, but surely, the practices became more organized. The kids found baseball to be a great outlet for dealing with the tragedy surrounding them. Mooser and Darg documented the team in their Tribeca award winning film, “Baseball in the Time of Cholera,” which follows the rise of the Tigers and the concurrent outbreak of Cholera in Haiti. The film went on to play at festivals around the world and culminated with a special Congressional screening in Washington, D.C.

Watch it here:

Mooser and Darg recently returned from Haiti to launch RYOT News.

“Our work in Haiti over the last three years has been really important to us and our hearts will always be there,” Mooser said. “We return often and plan to in the future, but now we’re ready to use the power of the news to affect change all over the world.”, which launched in the last week of October, is a website that connects every story to an action. Rather than just consuming the news, readers have the opportunity to make an impact by donating to relavant organizations, signing petitions, learning about causes or volunteering.

Fellow activists Olivia Wilde, Ian Somerhalder and  Sophia Bush are working with Mooser and Darg to bring RYOT to the world

“I’m so excited to be launching RYOT — this site is going to fundamentally change the way we think about news consumption,” Ian Somerhalder said in an interview. “It’s time for people to expect more from their news. With RYOT, you’re making a difference just by visiting the site, and you’re given the opportunity to do something about what you read.”

Check out the esquire piece below:

The Little League at the End of the World

By Mark Warren, Esquire Magazine

Wherever there are disasters, there are always the rare few who rush in to help. Bryn Mooser and David Darg joined forces in Haiti after the earthquake, and when the boys of the Tabarre neighborhood of Port-au-Prince had nothing to help ease the misery all around them, Mooser and Darg knew just what to do.

Everywhere you go, there are the boys. After earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, in the middle of the worst famine, there are always these little pricks calling you names and throwing rocks, taunting you, wanting to live, wanting your stuff. Because you, who have come ostensibly to help them, have lots of stuff, and they have nothing. They are wearing rags and washing themselves in a ditch. If ever you needed proof of how we humans are resilient little bugs, look no further than these boys. And so, somehow, this courtship of rock throwing, name-calling, and pilfering gives way to true friendship.

And everywhere you go — after every earthquake, flood, tsunami, and famine — there are the Americans. Lately, when you imagine Americans projected around the world, you think most often of camouflage. This story, though, isn’t about soldiers, not at all. But then who are these people? And what, with the one match they’ve got to burn, are they doing wasting their flame in misbegotten Haiti?

The answer to that question can be understood only if you set aside contemporary notions of career-minded ambition and consider a degree of selflessness and rootlessness that has you living itinerantly from disaster to disaster, not getting rich and not getting ahead in any conventional sense. Oh, and it can only really be understood if you know something about boys and baseball.

Click here to read the rest of this story on Esquire’s website

RYOT NOTE: Congrats to David and Bryn. Everyone at RYOT gets to see these two change the world on a daily basis. It’s truly a privilege. You can support their amazing work by checking out the RYOT Foundation, or by sharing this story.

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