#RIPLilSnupe: 18-year-old Meek Mill signee Lil Snupe shot dead

3 years ago
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via Instagram user: @leem7st

According to XXL Magazine, signee to Meek Mill label, Dreamchaser, and 18-year-old Louisianan rapper, Lil Snupe, died this morning of injuries sustained from gunshot wounds.

Though reports are scattered at this moment, Lil Snupe’s manager Leem7st tweeted the following just hours ago.


Meek Mill himself also Tweeted the following around 6 am.


Rumors have begun to surface on Twitter that Lil Snupe was murdered while on a trip back to his home hood over a heated game of dice. Images have surfaced of what appears to be a local newspaper confirming the death of the young aspiring artist.

lil snupe

Twenty minutes after handing off a mixtape to Meek Mill through a car window after a concert in Louisiana, Lil Snupe’s dreams came true. The high-school-aged rapper was signed on the spot as a Dreamchaser artist and within months was featured on Mtv News and had a full-length mixtape seeding across the web. Listen to Lil Snupe’s break-out release, R.N.I.C, below.

RYOT NOTE: Unfortunatley, the news of Lil Snupe’s murder isn’t anything out of the ordinary. A person is killed by a firearm every 17 minutes in the United States. The Brady Campaign works to pass and enforce sensible federal and state gun laws, regulations, and public policies through grassroots activism, electing public officials who support common sense gun laws, and increasing public awareness of gun violence. Click in the gray action box above to get engaged and become the news.

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