Rare Sumatran Tiger Births Two Adorable Cubs at Smithsonian

3 years ago
Smithsonian National Zoo

Smithsonian National Zoo

Two rare Sumatran tiger cubs were born Monday evening at the Smithsonian National Zoo, and Washington, DC just got a whole lot cuter.

The cubs were born to 4-year-old Damai, zoo officials said in a statement on their website Thursday. The first-time mom is adjusting well in her new role, with the Smithsonian monitoring her from a distance to allow her to bond with her cubs. Zoo officials said that she is a natural.

Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species. According to the World Wildlife Fund there were around 1,000 Sumatran tigers during the 1970’s. Today there are only as few as 400 in the wild.

Although the cubs won’t likely be exhibited until late fall, we can all watch the family bond and play on the Smithsonian’s webcam.

Check out this adorable family moment in which Momma tiger bonds and takes care of her little ones.

All together now: Awwwww!

RYOT NOTE: The number of tigers in the wild is declining but, with hope, the birth of these Sumatran tigers signals a step toward restoration for these majestic animals. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation works to ensure that all kinds of animals are protected and that our planet’s resources are conserved. Click on the gray box alongside this story to learn more, donate and Become the News!

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