Pubic lice and crabs becoming endangered … due to Brazilian bikini waxes

3 years ago

Usually, when we report on a new endangered species, it’s sad news. Not today!

According to Bloomberg, the little, crab-shaped, pubic lice, which have crawled across humans’ crotches since the beginning of time (human time, at least), are scarcer than at any other point in history. The reason?

Brazilian bikini waxes.

There’s no denying that it’s trendy these days to do some heavy-duty grooming below the belt. In fact, more than 80% of college students in the U.S. admit to removing some or all of their pubic hair, and that trend is taking hold in other Western countries as well.

But now doctors say this depilatory practice is responsible for nearly eradicating pubic lice.

Since waxing, clipping and shaving the groin destroy optimal habitat for these nasty, crotch pests, they have nowhere to live and just like any other animal that loses nearly all it’s habitat, they’re endangered. It’s akin to an “environmental disaster” for this species.

If you’re a waxer, don’t feel too bad. We can’t think of a single reason to save pubic lice — so wax, clip and cut away!

This may be the only time in history we’re rooting for an endangered species to go extinct!

If you think you have crabs you might want to watch this video:

RYOT NOTE: While we don’t have a soft spot in our hearts for pubic lice, we do for nearly every other endangered species. That’s why were linking so often to the World Wildlife Fund. They do some amazing work protecting and restoring some of Earth’s most endangered species. Thanks to their help, we might just save a few of our favorite critters that would otherwise perish — forever. You can support their efforts by donating today, or by sharing this story.

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