Poll: 30 Percent of Americans Don’t Interact With Other Races

3 years ago

Photos: flickr/DryHundredFear

According to an ongoing Reuters/Ipsos poll, about 40 percent of white Americans and 25 percent of non-white Americans do not interact closely with people of other races and ethnicities.

Hispanic and Asian Americans were found to be more open to interracial marriage, friendships and other relationships. Particularly in the Hispanic community, mixing with people of other races is common — only one in 10 do not have friends of a different race, and about half of all Hispanics have a non-Hispanic spouse or partner. Only one in 10 whites and blacks are in racially-mixed romantic relationships.

In contrast to the general population, about one-third of American adults under age 30 are in a relationship with someone of a different race. (Only a tenth of those over age 30 are in such relationships.) And only one in 10 adults under 30 say no one among their families, friends or coworkers is of a different race, less than half the rate for Americans as a whole.

This trend is in line with census data suggesting that almost 50 percent of children under age five are non-white, with the percentage to tilt toward a “majority-minority” leveling. As of July 1, 2011, 50.1 percent of newborns age one and younger are non-white. As minority populations increase, interaction with other races becomes inevitable, even in rural areas where it’s less common.

When looking at relationships with coworkers, friends and relatives, 30 percent of Americans are not hanging around people of other races.

The poll data was released on the heels of several racially-charged stories. In addition to the Trayvon Martin case, Big Brother’s racist house mates and outdated school diversity regulationSlate‘s David Plotz wrote Thursday that the magazine will no longer refer to Washington, DC’s NFL franchise as the Redskins out of disgust with the term.

RYOT NOTE: Racial equality and improved race relations are worth fighting for, despite continued ignorance of these issues in the United States and elsewhere. To learn more about racial equity efforts and how to actively assist in these efforts, click the gray box to the right of this story, donate and Become the News!

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