PHOTO: Will Smith And Family Have Hilarious Reaction to Lady GaGa — NOT Miley Cyrus — at MTV VMA Performance

2 years ago

The above image of Will Smith and his family was originally making the Internet rounds as a hilarious action to Miley Cyrus’ out-of-control performance at the VMAs.

However, once the dust settled we learned that it was in fact a response to Lady GaGa’s opening act.

That doesn’t change the fact that we’re still speechless about… this:


Well that’s just a teaser. You can catch Miley’s performance in all its glory here:

RYOT NOTE: Yes, we understand Will. Miley’s performance was unreal, and not in a good way! But don’t despair, there are plenty of musicians doing good in the world. Check out Music For Relief, they are a non-profit founded by the band Linkin Park and give funds to post-disaster zones around the world. Learn more and support their work or Miley will come for you!

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