Peeing in Pools Isn’t Just Gross — It Can Actually Create Tear Gas

2 years ago

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Turns out peeing in a pool leaves behind more than just a little warm spot (everyone knows it wasn’t “just the sun”).

According to a recent study by China Agricultural and Purdue Universities, peeing in pools could create medically harmful toxins. Which you are then left swimming in, post-pee.

When uric acid, a compound found in urine, combines with the chlorine in pool water, it can create cyanogen chloride (CNCl) and nitrogen trichloramine (NCl3) — two toxins linked to eye and throat irritation, nervous system problems, and cardiovascular problems.

CNCl is a highly toxic blood agent that has been proposed for use in chemical warfare and is officially banned in the Chemical Weapons Convention. NCl3 is technically a tear gas, which is also outlawed in chemical warfare.

Clearly, these chemicals are widely considered to be pretty dangerous.

Although we may not see such extreme effects from urine laced pool water, avid swimmers and lifeguards have been known to report sickness, nausea, eye irritation, and other symptoms associated with nerve toxins and tear gas.

As inconvenient as swim time potty breaks are, it might be worth the struggle to avoid swimming in chemical weapons. Just some food for thought…

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