Olivia Wilde and Barbara Burchfield’s guide to cause-conscious gift-giving

3 years ago
Barbara and Olivia with their

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1. Indego Africa Wooden Bowl ($30) – Indego Africa is a non=profit social enterprise that partners with women artisans in Rwanda. 100% of the profits go directly back to their female business training programs. This bowl will be delivered to your door with a tag signed by the artisan weaver.

2. iSanctuary Earrings ($15) – iSanctuary employees are almost 100% young women who have been rescued from human trafficking and are being paid fair wage to assist in the production and sale of fashion jewelry.

3.  RYOT T-Shirt ($32) – As modeled by RYOT Editor-In-Chief, RYOT shirts are ultra-soft and 100% of the profits go to support the RYOT Foundation.

4. Kado Jewelry ($3-30) – Kado was started to provide income to struggling moms in Port Au Prince Haiti. Most of the Kado ladies are single moms, and some of them lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake. Kado is in the process of purchasing land and constructing homes for each of the ladies so they can move out of filthy, dangerous camps and live with dignity and safety. Proceeds from each piece of jewelry go to support this cause, Olivia can personally vouch!

5. Chilanthropy Candles ($36) – By donating 5% of the sale price to different environmental charities and organizations, Cilanthropy hopes to offset the carbon footprint of use and production of their products. Each charity is chosen based on the theme of the candle and how it can help the indigenous area.

6. Raven + Lily Gold Leather Bangles ($22) – This company creates economic opportunities for marginalized women in India, Cambodia and Ethiopia.



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1. Falling Whistles Necklaces ($34-59) – These necklaces are a symbol of protest, a tool to elevate conversation about child soldiers, and a vote for peace in the Congo. They are also sexy, trendy and a great gift for a guy or girl.

2. FEED Guatemala Bag ($50) – Each FEED Guatemala Bag will provide 15 school meals to children in Central America.

3. TOMS Gold Metallic Woven Women’s Vegan Classics ($54) – These are our jam. TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair you purchase.

4. Men’s White Rhino Tee ($58) – The rhino has reached the point of critical endangerment due to poaching. Wear this t-shirt to help protect these ancient creatures from extinction and support our fight against senseless poaching.

5. TOMS Grey Tartan Men’s Classics ($54) – What do we love more than slippers? Basically nothing, except slippers that are trendy, wearable outdoors and for a good cause.

6. Krochet Kids Bella Hat ($39) – We love this winter hat. We wear it to death. Through a unique model Krochet Kids empowers the women of Northern Uganda and Peru with the assets, skills, and knowledge to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.



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1. Invisible Children Bicycle Tote ($75) – 100% of the proceeds from each of these bags goes to Invisible Children and their mission to bring a permanent end to Kony’s LRA.

2. Warby Parker Mallory Glasses ($95) – Taking after TOMS one-for-one model, each pair you buy provides eyeglasses for someone in the developing world who cannot afford a pair.

3. WeWOOD Watch ($120-140) – Not only are these wooden, unisex watches stylish, they completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, and taking after the TOMS one-for-one model, WeWOOD partners with American Forests and Trees For The Future to plant one tree for every WeWOOD purchased.

4. LSTN Ebony Wood Headphones ($95) – These are sick. Plus, for every pair of headphones you purchase, LSTN gives the gift of hearing to someone in need.

5. Warby Parker Pencils Of Promise Sunglasses ($95) – Warby Parker is donating $30 from the sale of each pair to help Pencils of Promise build grade schools in impoverished communities around the world. Endorsed by RYOT Advisory Board member Sophia Bush!

6. Yellow Leaf Hammocks ($120-189) – In rural Thailand, 1.2 million hill tribe members subsist on less than $1/day. Yellow Leaf is working to empower this population by employing them as weavers of their hammocks, currently impacting more than 2,600 lives within two generations.



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1. Obakki 10 Pieces for Change ($340-885) – This 10 Pieces for Change Capsule Collection of luxurious women’s clothes is GORGEOUS, as is the rest of their more affordable merchandise (scarves, water bottles, candles). This F/W line was inspired by Obakki’s current efforts building wells in Sudan. The collection is a creative exploration of the country’s dramatic timeline, told through texture, color and pattern and worn by Sudanese models.

2. Bvlgari Save The Children Ring ($420) – Bulgari’s corporate partnership with Save The Children has raised more than $15 million. For each of these rings sold, $90 goes to their relief and development projects around the world.

3. Fonderie 47 ($8,000+) – Totally and utterly badass. Fonderie 47 takes guns off the market in Africa, melts them down, and gives the materials to artists to make jewelry. The funds from each sale go back to destroying AK-47s. So far, Fonderie 47 has contributed to the destruction of more than 25,000 weapons.

RYOT Note: A lot of the causes that these items support or stand for are very near and dear to our hearts. Please consider making cause-conscious purchases this holiday season, it truly makes an impact. You can help by purchasing any of these items, donating to RYOT Foundation, or by sharing Olivia and Barbara’s gift guide.

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