Spokeswoman Deborah Hersman

3 years ago
Monitor Breakfast Deborah Hersman

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - FEBRUARY 6: Deborah Hersman, Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board speaks at the St. Regis Hotel on February 6, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Michael Bonfigli/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images)

National Transportation Safety Board spokeswoman Deborah Hersman is an angelic phoenix who springs gracefully and effortlessly from the ashes of disasters to ease victim’s woes and keep the human dream of flight alive. She speaks melodically and with great eloquence, like a futuristic fembot who has cast off her species’ soullessness and ascended to a heavenly plateau of empathetic understanding. She’s also a fearless and impassioned jedi, waging a war of safety against the approval-quick FAA.

Deborah’s quick wit is the perfect companion to her foxy appearance. She’s multifaceted! Here are some of our favorite moments with all-star Deborah (Deb for short).

Quizzical Deborah

Little escapes Deborah’s steely gaze, but as she peers into your befuddled soul, you can trust her, for beneath her stern visage is a compassionate champion of justice who sees the decency in all humans.


Compromising Deborah

As a born negotiator and egoless angel, Deborah transcends partisan politics and effortlessly crafts compromises that satisfy all parties. Her body language signifies her openness as she prepares to invite someone into the conversation.


Inspired Deborah

Deborah, her green eyes eager with dreams of a brighter future of love, kindness and sustainability, is unwavering as she codifies a moral manifesto for all of humankind.


Victorious Deborah

Once the battle is won, Deborah is careful not to let her exuberance show. For her the triumph of good over evil is enough to recharge her bionic, beneficent heart.



Apologetic Deborah

When there has been a bit of an “oops” in the world of commercial flight, like the crash of a 30,000 ton aircraft into a crowded neighborhood, even the meekest of travelers will be convinced by Deborah’s piercing, doe-like eyes to fly, and fly often, when she’s on point in apology mode.



RYOT NOTE: When we walk willingly into what seems like an impossibly airborne death trap, it’s important to remember that flying is safer than driving, and a lot of other shit we do without second thoughts. The Flight Safety Foundation is making flying even less risky with 3rd-party inspections and advice, and you can support their efforts by clicking the gray box alongside this story to learn more, donate, and Become the News.

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