Meet Titus, the ultimate basketball trick-shot artist … oh yeah, he’s 2 years old

3 years ago
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Titus, the ultimate, trick-shot artist.

Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Lebron James need to watch their backs. Titus has arrived, and he might be the best ever when it comes to shooting hoops. And just to be clear, his name really is Titus. Amazing.

The two-year-old is already well-versed in the art of trick shots. This little dude has no issue taking the rock to the hole with authority, whether it’s a bouncy ball, football, soccer ball or even a regulation-sized basketball.

We have no doubt the likes of Duke, Indiana and Syracuse are knocking this kid’s door down, trying to get him to sign a letter of intent. Screw that, Titus! Be a baller. Go straight to the NBA — before kindergarten gets in the way and ruins your life, if you can.

And we don’t even want to think about how hard this diminutive ace is cleaning up with the toddler ladies on the playground at pre-school. We hear Titus can have any women he desires in the ages 1 to 5 demographic. Ballllller!

Do we smell a diaper endorsement down the road? Hell yeah. We can see it already. Titus, in a golden basketball uniform, draining shot after shot of rolled-up Pampers straight into a trash can. Money in the bank!

Check it out:

RYOT NOTE: Wow. This kid is for real. For real real. But what if he never had a ball or hoop to play with? He would just be crying, pooping and throwing his nasty baby food all over the place like any other two-year-old. It’s all about opportunity! Let’s give some less fortunate kids a true opportunity to play basketball, baseball and football. Good Sports is an amazing organization that provides disadvantaged youth with equipment, apparel and footwear so they can get outside and enjoy sports. You can support their efforts by donating today, or by sharing this story.

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