Marco Rubio drinks Poland Springs water during epic bout with cottonmouth

3 years ago

Marco Rubio succumbs to cottonmouth during his response to President Obama's state of the union address on Tuesday, February 12, 2012.

An entire nation watched in awe as Marco Rubio struggled against perhaps the most vicious opponent a politician making a speech can face: COTTONMOUTH.

Well into his speech, Rubio was hanging in there until an unfortunate string of “sh” and “ch” and “s” pronunciations doomed him.

But the 2016 presidential hopeful was quick on his feet and reached off camera for a swig of Poland Springs water. It was sort of nonchalant, but also extremely awkward.

Take a look:

GIF version:



Marco Rubio dry-mouth noises:


To be fair, Rubio was a good sport about the incident, offering a self-deprecating tweet afterwards:


Pundit Paul Begala also chimed in:



RYOT NOTE: We all know how important water is — Marco Rubio certainly does. Support our friends at and help bring clean water to everybody.

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