This Little Girl’s Letter to Santa Claus Just Shamed All Our Childhoods

2 years ago

Photo: Surrey Mirror

Most of us have written a letter to Santa, granted it’s been a few years, but we all did it at some point in our childhood. I remember enthusiastically making lists of all the things I’d seen during Nickelodeon commercials or I’d spotted in my newest American Girl Catalog — I never did get that Samantha doll (mom!).

But that’s just it, as children we’re sometimes unintentionally self-centered. However, the beautiful thing about children is that they’re always surprising us.

Like little Emmileah Anderson of Surrey, UK, who put kid-me’s Christmas list to shame with the kind-hearted and thoughtful letter she sent to the North Pole this year.

According to the Surrey Mirror, six-year-old Emmileah wrote to Santa to explain that, despite being on the “good list,” she doesn’t want any presents this year. Instead, she would rather those presents be given to children who don’t have any.

Here’s little Emmileah’s letter to Father Christmas — sans the spelling errors.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Claus,

Thank you for putting me on the good list every year. I have decided that this year I don’t need any presents from you. Instead I am going to do a walk for charity. Please can you give my toys to the children that don’t have any.

Love Emmileah XXXXXX

Emmileah’s mom, Shannaz Noormohamed, explained the origin of the letter, saying, “My cousin is doing a Santa Run for St. Catherine’s Hospice and she asked if me and Emmileah would like to do it. I asked Emmileah and she wanted to know what a charity was so I told her… I said there are charities for children who don’t have very much.”

Her mother recalls how she cried after reading Emmileah’s letter the first time, “She obviously went away and thought about what I said.”

Before her mother explained it to her, Emmileah had no idea that other children were not as fortunate as she. Emmileah told the Surrey Mirror, “I felt bad that other children didn’t have toys. I didn’t know that before… It’s not because I don’t want any presents. I just don’t really need them.”

Now Emmileah is on a mission to fundraise for St. Catherine, even coercing local police officers into donating to the charity.

Her mother, along with the rest of us, are stunned by the innocent goodness of a young child’s heart. “The fact it has all been her idea makes it even more amazing. I am a very proud mum at the moment. I’m not sure I would have given up my Christmas presents at that age.”

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