Kyra Sedgwick Burns Calories for a Good Cause By Hosting FlyWheel’s Holiday Ride

2 years ago

Couch potatoes have pushed aside their sedentary lifestyle and hopped onto the path of fitness for worthy causes. No longer are losing weight and improving health the only reasons people are trading in their potato chips and remote controls for sweatshirts and yoga pants, raising money for a good cause is now also an incentive for people to get in shape! From charity runs to bicycle rides, people are getting fit and raising money at the same time.

One such event that burned the extra holiday calories for a cause was FlyWheel’s Holiday Ride. The event was hosted by actress Kyra Sedgwick and award winning Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen, and benefitted the Food Bank for New York City.


This was not your typical charity event, involving long speeches and a drawn-out, sit-down dinner; this was a newer, fresher way to have fun and get involved. Not only did attendees burn calories by climbing onto custom-engineered bikes, they also raised money for a good cause.

When asked how she got involved with the NYC Food Bank, actress and co-host Kyra Sedgwick told RYOT, “Well, I grew up in New York, I was born and raised in Manhattan, so I kind of always knew about it, but I only got really involved in the last few years because no one should be going hungry in this city.”

Sedgwick went on to lament the situation in NYC, telling RYOT, “This is one of the richest cities in the world, no one should be going hungry here, it’s just so devastating. And there are more people than ever needing to go to the Food Bank or the soup kitchen as well as the pantry because food stamps have been cut so much. They serve 500,000 meals a day and most of the people they serve are college educated. These aren’t people sucking off the system. These are people who can’t make it on what they make or can’t make it on what they’re given so they have to go to feed their families. It’s just devastating when you go and you see the kind of people who are there. I mean, these are hard-working people, not people who are leeching off the rest of us.”

The Food Bank for New York City is the city’s major hunger-relief organization working to end food poverty throughout the five boroughs. Their mission is to end hunger in New York City by organizing food, information and support for community survival and dignity. They tackle hunger issues on three fronts – food distribution, income support and nutrition education – all strategically guided by research.

“I think it’s great to help out around the holidays and we should be helping all year round when we can. Making a monthly donation is the best thing you can do,” Sedgwick said.

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