These Are Not Exclusive Photos From Inside Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

2 years ago
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Photo: Instagram/fashionbombdaily

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got hitched in Italy over the weekend, in front of a 200-person gathering of family, friends and John Legend.

To keep their nuptials private (and, presumably, to fuel WWIII, i.e. the bidding war for their wedding photos), Kimye had a no cellphones rule at all events.

But if a tree falls in the woods, and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Kim and Kanye get married and it’s not all over Instagram, does it count?

Good thing we’ve got all these exclusive pics.

Photo: Stephanie Sinclair/National Geographic/Too Young To Wed

Every year, an estimated 14 million girls under the age of 18 are married with little or no say in the matter. Which is why it’s so awesome that Lana Del Rey performed at Kimye’s wedding pre-party in Versailles, where the couple also took the mic to profess their love for each other to a crowd of family and friends.


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Photo: Stephanie Sinclair/National Geographic/Too Young To Wed

A little Indian girl wears lipstick, probably for the very first time, on her wedding day. A glam squad made sure all 200 guests looked fab on Kimye’s big day, but not as fab as Kim, whose Givenchy gown cost an estimated $500,000, according to People.


Photo: Dailymail UK/Central European News
Photo: Dailymail UK/Central European News

This is Yu Xukang and his 12-year-old son, Xiao Qiang, who was born with an undiagnosed disability that bends his back and twists his limbs. Yu carries Xiao 18 miles to school and back every day, scaling mountainous terrain so that his son can get an education. ‘Cause why celebrate in one lavish city when you could celebrate in two? Kimye’s wedding festivities started in Paris, but the actual ceremony was held in Florence, Italy. Obvi, the couple chartered private jets to get their guests from one city to another.


Photo: Mijiza's Blog
Photo: Mijiza’s Blog

Over one billion people around the world still live without electricity, including more than 580 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. This makes education, healthcare, and many other day-to-day things extremely difficult to accomplish. Good thing Kimye were married atop Forte di Belvedere, a grand 16th-century fortress in Florence. The venue cost over $400,000 to rent for the day, not including extravagant lighting upgrades, according to People.


Photo: Save The Children

1.3 million people in South Sudan are in a hunger emergency, one step below famine. Gourmet chefs Annie Féolde and Giorgio Pinchiorri, cooked up a feast for Kimye’s wedding party, which People estimates cost tens of thousands of dollars — not counting the couple’s seven-foot wedding cake. Go big or go home, right? Speaking of going home, Rob Kardashian left Europe before the wedding, reportedly because Kim dissed him for being overweight.


Photo: Buzz Kenya

Thousands of child soldiers currently serve in armed conflicts around the world. Some’s families were massacred in front of them; others were forced to do the massacring themselves. The most difficult thing Kendall Jenner, Kim’s hot little sis, has ever had to do is read: 

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