RYOT News is always searching for volunteers to write original content for our growing site. We’re looking for talented writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators… you name it. At RYOT, we have an open mind. You can send us your resume or portfolio, but we’d prefer an intriguing proposal. Tell us what you want to do and why your work should be on RYOT. We can’t wait to hear from you. Please submit via email to:


If you are interested in web design, copy-editing, business development, an internship, or any other ways to contribute that aren’t listed above, please e-mail with your specific skill set and we’ll try and find a way to get you involved.


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Here at RYOT, we want you to Become The News in as many ways as possible. During major news events, look for our #CitizenJournalist campaigns, tag your Instagram photos #RYOTnews and share! We will select certain submissions and include on our site and social media.