Is This Photo of John Kerry and his Wife on a Double Date With the Assads Problematic?

2 years ago

Date Night? The Kerrys and Assads enjoy some fine dining.

The Internet is freaking out about this photograph of John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz, dining with the Assads. What do we have to say about that? Um, chill out psychos.

First off, here’s the shit-stirring Tweet sent by some guy from Buzzfeed:

Those of you freaking out, that’s OK. You’re like most people who react to something without first thinking about it.

But all the intellectuals out there — aspiring or otherwise — probably understand this dinner date isn’t a big deal.

Here’s the thing. John Kerry became the head of the Foreign Relations Committee in 2009. Yeah, he didn’t become the secretary of state until 2013, but the man is more or less a lifelong diplomat. That’s why it’s far from shocking that he would have  dinner with the Assads, where he most likely discussed how much they were screwing up Syria. In fact, Kerry has a long history of meeting with the dictator. He probably sorta wanted to keep the country from plunging into a devastating civil war. Guess that didn’t happen. Maybe Kerry should have offered to pick up the bill or laid down a few bucks for some finer wine?

It’s also important to remember that Kerry has recently taken a pretty tough stand on Syria and Assad, calling his use of chemical weapons a “moral obscenity.” In other words, our SoS is being a baller, dining with totalitarian, heads of state one night, shredding them a new one the next (OK, a few years later) as warships stage in the Mediterranean, with cruise missiles expected to light up the night sky sooner rather than later.

This photo is intriguing — for like a second — then you think about it an realize it’s meaningless. It actually sorta makes sense. Diplomats meet with leaders. They discuss things. Over dinner.

Let the photo go, trolls. Let it go!

RYOT NOTE: Look, John Kerry is working his ass off to pressure Syria, stop the war and help civilians. The good news is, you can join him. Mercy Corps is on the ground in the Middle East, providing Syrian refugees with shelter, food, medicine and counseling. Click on the gray box alongside this story to learn more, donate and Become the News!

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