Inside the Ryan Gosling Bathroom

3 years ago

San Diego restaurant Bang Bang opened last week in the trendy Gaslamp district as a destination where Americans can snack on Japanese street food like edamame dumplings while listening to live music.

The magic of Bang Bang goes beyond the food, however, to the decor — especially the bathrooms.

“There [are] different experiences throughout the whole place including bathroom stalls. [The] sushi room is intimate and different than the main dining room. The dining room is a much different experience than the theater room,” Bang Bang designer Johnny Shockey told RYOT via email. “It’s a proper social house experience.”

Instead of boring diners with a single bathroom design, each Bang Bang bathroom stall has a different theme including Godzilla, Hello Kitty, fortune cookies and (drum roll, please)… Ryan Gosling. Yes, you heard us right; there is a whole bathroom dedicated to the film star. Every wall has been plastered with posters, from his famous “Hey girl” glasses look to photos of him posing on the red carpet.

“We wanted to create a very girl friendly environment that women would love,” Shockey said.

So far Shockey says the restaurant has gotten mostly positive feedback from patrons, with one exception.

“The biggest complaint we have received is some women are shy about peeing in front of Ryan Gosling.”

RYOT NOTE: Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stare at Ryan Gosling’s gorgeous face while in the bathroom. In fact, some people aren’t even lucky enough to have a bathroom. is working to fix that by providing toilets with proper sanitation to some of the world’s poorest people. Click on the gray box to the right to find out more and Become the News!

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