Ho Lee Fuk! KVTU fooled with fake, racist names of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 pilots

3 years ago

In what might be the most embarrassing breach of journalistic standards in recent memory, Bay Area based KVTU fell victim to a prankster and reported fake, racist names for the pilots aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214, which crashed in San Francisco on Saturday, killing three people and injuring 180 more.

Making matters even worse, the anchor read the names — which were obviously fake — without flinching. KVTU then took those matters that had already been made even worse and made them even even worse by reporting that the NTSB confirmed the names — a claim the NTSB has since denied.

Here’s the original error:

And here is KVTU’s rather terse apology:

If you’ve seen a more egregious example of journalism, send it our way, pretty please!

[LA Weekly]

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