Hauntingly Beautiful Photos of a Fox Frozen In a Lake

2 years ago
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All Photos: Jeffer Sandström/The Local

While ice skating on Lake Bunn near Jönköping in central Sweden, 26-year-old Jeffer Sandström found a frozen fox. The poor little fella appears to have fallen through thin ice, couldn’t climb out, and eventually froze there with his head and whiskers just above the surface.

Sandström wisely decided to call it a day, what with a fox having cracked through the ice and all, but not before taking some hauntingly beautiful photos of his unfortunate (but very natural history museum-like) discovery:

Sandström saw something near him in the lake and went over to investigate.

As it turns out, he was skating by a fox.

Much like Jack, the fox was frozen with only his head above water (but no Rose, or door, in site)


And here’s the photographer, Jeffer:

Check out Jeffer Sandström’s original photos of the fox at The Local.

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