Germany Just Trumped the World by Getting Half of Its Energy From Solar Panels

2 years ago

German solar village of Sonnenschiff. (Photo:

Germany just put the rest of the world to shame with its green endeavors. In the middle of the day on Monday, June 9th, 50.6 percent of the nation’s electricity came from solar power. 

Although the numbers change depending on the time of day (you obviously can’t use solar panels at night), breaking the 50 percent barrier is a new record for Germany, and one other countries should strive to match or beat.

Germany’s accomplishment is especially impressive considering the country is a relatively gloomy place. IFL Science reports that more than 90 percent of the world’s population lives in countries with more sunlight than Germany.

Clearly Germany ain’t got much sunshine to work with. (Photo: IFL Science)

Germany typically relies more on wind power than solar, but Monday’s achievement proves that solar power can be just as substantial.

The country has invested a lot of time and money into transitioning to renewable, non-polluting sources of power.

The shift to solar energy cost Germany over $21 billion in 2013. But the investment will pay itself back over time, and the nation’s reliance on renewable energy has done a lot of good for the whole world.

By creating a demand that spurred mass manufacturing, Germany helped lower the cost of solar panels for everyone by 80 percent in the last five years.

The Earth thanks you, Germany.

Germany’s energy model is something we should all look up to.

At this point, not switching to solar power wherever we can is really just dumb. Solar power is on par with fossil fuel in financial efficiency, plus it’s renewable and clean.

If the entire world made similar strides, our planet would be breathing a lot easier — and these polar bears would probably be able to find some ice instead of dying trying.

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