Evidence of Time Travel Popping Up All Over the Internet

2 years ago




Watch the first video below to learn about this time traveler.

The signs are unmistakable. The evidence is everywhere. The laws of space and time sway and crumble as you read this. YouTube has exposed their presence. They are time travelers.

Loopers come in many forms. Modern day men pose alongside pioneers in history books. Hipsters stick out in crowds well before their time. Cowboys use iPhones as they ride in stagecoaches. DeLoreans appear parallel-parked alongside curbs in grainy footage from decades past. Extras in Charlie Chaplin films casually chat on cell phones. School children carry Macbook Airs … during the Cold War.

Can anyone really deny that time travelers are moving fluidly throughout history?

Here’s the evidence. You be the judge.

A man and his wife open a book and are shocked by what they find:


A time traveller caught on tape chatting on a cell phone in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie:


Man uses iPhone in 1948 film to find a good Saloon on Yelp!:


DeLorean parked alongside a curb in another Charlie Chaplin film:


A girl carrying a Macbook Air … during the Cold War!?


Time traveler saves pedestrian from certain death:


Hipster appears in 1941 photograph:


Another hipster, this time in another Charlie Chaplin film:


More shocking cell phone evidence from a 1938 film:


A man named Vonhelton takes a jaunt through history:


Time traveling teacher from the 1950s predicts Game 2 of the 2010 World Series?


Man travels through time under sink, meets older version of himself:


Artwork from the Getty shows a time traveler checking RYOT News in ancient Greece:


RYOT NOTE from Brian

This is all in good fun. Time travel may or may not be real, but do you know that you can still buy somebody a trip into the future? is an amazing organization that literally extends peoples lives by providing all the necessary food and medicine they need. You may not be able to travel back to your favorite decade, but you can give someone a trip into a future they would otherwise never have by donating today, or by sharing this story.



funny satire time travel

1. So he wasn't wearing the same clothes as everyone else... what does that have to do with time travel?

2. Not a phone, a Western Electric Model 34A hearing aid.

3. That's a notepad.

4. Are you serious?

5. Ever hear of these things called folders or notebooks?

6. This is from a video game ad

7. His clothes are unusual, but not from another time, and his camera is a Kodak folding pocket model.

8. That's Dr Who!

9. (this video does not exist)

10. Sometimes people living at the same time look like each other, too.

11. Odd how the handwriting and angle of her "prediction" is different...

12. Their tattoos look fresh, and they don't even look that much alike.

13. Who, the girl holding the jewelry box or the woman picking out jewelry?


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Evidence of Time Travel Popping Up All Over the Internet

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