Amazing Before and After Images of Flooding From the Skies Above Colorado

2 years ago

Source: The Denver Post

It’s been almost a week since the flooding in Colorado, but the cleanup is only just beginning. It seems difficult to grasp the amount of damage caused, but The Denver Post has created an interactive map offering a more complete visual.

Post photographers were able to capture much of the destruction by helicopter. Their aerial photos, coupled with satellite images from Google Earth and Bing Maps, form the content of the map. 

Simply click on the camera icon to reveal “before” and “after” photos of various locations across Colorado. The Post is continually adding more images, connecting their aerial photos to coordinates on the map.

The map’s main goal is to “better help (the Post‘s) audiences understand the scope, breadth and power of this disaster for Colorado’s citizens.”

Below are a few examples of the map’s shocking revelations.


RYOT NOTE: These images are heartbreaking and illustrate just how monumental the task of rebuilding will be. Operation Blessing is a disaster relief organization currently on the ground in Colorado providing aid and support to these communities. Click the gray box alongside this story to learn how you can help and Become the News!

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