Daft Punk duo cast off their helmets and reveal their real faces

3 years ago


Wings without an assortment of dipping sauces. Harlem shake without mad booty poppin’. Game of Thrones without a precise ratio of sex, violence and unexpected deaths. Each of these combos are necessarily paired and when separated, are fairly mediocre.  Similarly, music duo Daft Punk, who since gaining popularity have appeared almost infallibly in public and during performances wearing helmets to hide their faces — giving rise to speculations that the real performing duo are robots, horribly mutilated, or just money-hungry publicity whores — have cast off their helmets for a game of champagne pong.

A member of the Knocks, like a snitch, posted this photo of their briefly exposed faces. Perhaps the helmets were interfering with Daft Punk’s spacial reasoning during an especially challenging champagne-pong shot. Perhaps there are dozens of EDM musicians of similar height who form a secret society and trade off representing Daft Punk. We’ll never know for sure, but this photo seems to suggest that the mysterious duo are just two pretty ordinary dudes who don helmets to become musical gods.

RYOT NOTE: Is it a bit strange that 99% of popular musicians are also extremely attractive? Can we find a correlation between good looks and musical ability, or are many listeners just music-video addicted and superficial? Remember Paul Potts? What a “miracle” that such an ugly man could sing well. Unlike many out there, the Fender Music Foundation recognizes that there’s a musical seed within just about everyone. You can help make sure music education is available in our communities and schools by clicking on the gray box alongside this story to learn more, donate and Become the News!

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