VIDEO: Oklahoma Doctor Injects Patients With a $300 Cure-All ‘Jesus Shot’

2 years ago


Forget medical marijuana, there’s a shot to take away all the pains of life.

A man known as Dr. Mike in Oklahoma has been injecting patients with a mysterious formula he calls the “Jesus Shot.”

Dr. Mike is really John Michael Lonergan, and in 2005, he had his medical license revoked in Ohio because he was convicted of eight felony counts of tax evasion, mail fraud, and — wait for it — healthcare fraud.

After he was released from prison, Lonergan moved to Oklahoma. There, he was welcomed him with open arms — literally, open arms waiting to be injected with his miracle serum.

Last month, a suspicious Oklahoma resident wrote about Dr. Mike in a forum devoted  to “outing people who falsely claim military service.”

“Nobody knows anything about this guy,” she wrote, “but he claims that he is a Former Special Forces Doctor and him and another Special Forces Doctor developed a serum for the military called Jesus Juice and it has been used in the military for years and it cures any ailment.”

“This ‘Dr. Mike’ is traveling around my town charging people $200 for this miracle shot that he developed for the military,” she added. “Some of the oilfield companies are actually paying this guy to come to their work and explain this shot to the workers and letting this man charge their employees $300 to inject them with this [expletive].”

An investigation by News 9 revealed that one of the clinics he works at doesn’t even know he administers it. Watch the shocked staff member below:

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