The Adventure Project
  • The Adventure Project has created 500 jobs.
  • Serving 914,000 people in developing countries.
  • In two years the Adventure Project have helped over 4,700 families gain access to charcoal – efficient stoves in Haiti.
  • 146 women will get the gear and training to become health promoters in Uganda that will serve 102,467 people.

The Adventure Project is a non-profit organization established to increase investments in positive social enterprises around the world. The Project was founded in 2010 by Becky Straw & Jody Landers, who met while traveling through Liberia, West Africa. They have joined forces to raise awareness and funds to support the world’s most-effective social ventures.

Our mission is to end extreme poverty by supporting the world’s most effective social ventures.  We believe we can end extreme poverty in our lifetime by reinventing how we give. We support ways that spur economic opportunity, promote dignity & save lives.

We identify low-cost, high-impact solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Each quarter, we highlight a different humanitarian issue deserving attention.

We align with the best organizations tackling these global problems through innovative business strategies. These organizations develop products & services that improve communities, save lives, and create jobs. We help these organizations grow, so that they can achieve their vision. We add venture.

We are the adventure seekers. Our movement is led by a tribe of passionate individuals who share the universal belief that we all deserve dignity and a chance at opportunity. The members are champions of the cause, educating others and providing outlets for engagement. We believe we can end extreme poverty in our lifetime if we all give wisely.

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The Adventure Project

The Adventure Project

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