2Seeds Network
  • In rural regions of Eastern Africa, subsistence farming is still widely practiced, with many people living at or below the line of nutritional survival.
  • 2Seeds encourages local villagers to work with young Americans to implement more efficient agricultural practices.
  • The aim of 2Seeds is to create lasting, self-sustaining economic change in developing countries while creating compassionate and creative leaders for America’s future.

At the heart of the 2Seeds Network is the belief that all individuals and communities possess extraordinary potential. In many cases this potential is unrealized and undeveloped. Sometimes, this lack of development has tragic consequences. Extreme poverty and food insecurity are critical examples of this fact.

The purpose of 2Seeds is to create opportunities for individuals and communities to achieve their full potential. In doing so, we believe that we can help communities achieve food and income security, and develop leaders and organizations equipped to meet the great challenges the world faces today.

We believe that creating real, catalytic change requires the development of the world’s greatest untapped resource: human capital. In doing so, we can create opportunities for individuals and communities, while also ensuring their freedom and power to choose their own paths.

Matt recently had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania to capture the story of 2seeds.org. This is the first of 2 videos produced for recruiting and fundraising within in the 2Seeds network.

2Seeds Network

2Seeds Network


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